Patient Service

With healthcare professionals practicing in over thirty specialties, Freeport Health Network offers the services you need right here, close to home. We provide services for the young and old, treating illnesses from the common cold to cancer. We provide emergency medicine, cardiac care, cancer treatment, women’s and children’s services, home care, mental health care, pain management, orthopedic care, MRI, occupational medicine, complementary medicine, dental care, physical therapy and so much more. If you haven’t found the services you’re looking for here, please call Freeport Health Network at 815-599-6000 or toll-free, 800-747-4131. Chances are we have it here, with some of the most technologically advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment and procedures available. 

Gastroenterology Lab

Internal examination helps in the diagnosis of diseases of the colon, stomach, esophagus and bowels.