Community Service

Much healing, preventive health and education takes place outside the doctor’s office. Our community services allow us to share healthy information with you and help you make informed decisions. Bringing these services to you is our way of improving the health of our communities.

Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels program delivers meals on Monday through Friday to those inside Freeport city limits. The meals include a lunch and/or dinner, both of which will be delivered around 12.p.m. The lunch is served hot and costs $3.00, and the dinner is brought cold and costs $2.00. For more information about the Meals on Wheels program please contact Volunteer Servies at (815) 599-6352

Additional Information:
Referral Required? Yes
Price: $3.00 for Lunch, $2.00 for dinner
Contact Information:
Phone: (815) 599-6352